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Passionate translator for Swedish and English into German, with a main focus on video games and fiction/literature. ►View Portfolio.



I am familiar with CAT tools such as memoQ, Memsource, XTM and Crowdin, as well as the usual suspects MS Word and Excel. In addition, I regularly work with Adobe InCopy.



- Translation, editing and proofreading of literary texts and print media

- Translation, editing, proofreading and QA for video games (in-game texts/dialogue, websites, press releases etc.)



Anyone who knows just a little bit about the art of translating, understands that it is more than transferring a text into another language. A good translation grabs the tone, the feeling and the effect of the original and converts them. During this process, something new is created something that belongs to the translator and is yet eerily familiar. This is my calling.


A translation is not "sagen" = say.

A translation is "sagen" = say, guess, reply, claim, mention, affirm, grant, admit, make clear, moan, announce, communicate, determine and describe.


"You fight like a dairy farmer." Ron Gilbert


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